Vamos Argentina!

As some of you may know, I’m in Argentina. That means that I get all the world cup action as it should be (In the U.S, you may see a few hundred Argentinians on a bar, but it’s not the same).

So yeah, you go out and feel the action. Everywhere people are selling Argentinian flags and jerseys, there’s people singing against Brazil and Germany, and it’s really cool.

I’ve only managed to snap a few pictures, but you can see the kind of stuff you see BEFORE the match starts.

A brand new Grand Cherokee full of Argentinian flags, laying on the horn

A brand new Grand Cherokee full of Argentinian flags, laying on the horn

The subway saying "Vamos Argentina"

The subway saying “Vamos Argentina”

So yeah, we can hope for a great game where Argentina wins, and we will celebrate. I’m not sure how safe it is to celebrate, since people are constantly telling me not to or I’ll end up without my phone, wallet and pants. Seeing the kind of individuals I saw celebrating the other day, it will probably be safer not to.

But yeah, Vamos Argentina!

Dashcamming & License



Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I forgot to anounce that about a year ago I got my license and I drive, heh.

Anyways, the thing is Dashcamming, as you might know, about 2 or 3 years ago we started seeing Russians using dashcams to record crashes or crazy situation. If you didn’t, check this channel out.

Now the new thing: American dashcams. It’s actually being going on for about a year, but it’s an amazing community. These are my favourite channels: 

All of these channels have some really good close calls and some of them can actually be funny.

There’s also a dashcamming forum of which I am part of and even though I’m not a dashcammer myself, I’ve been welcomed and you will be too. It’s called Project Road Rush

I think dashcams are a great idea, you can use them to avoid legal issues in case you’re in an accident, or if you just want to catch people behaving badly and post it on youtube for people like my to enjoy, and I’ve been considering of getting a dashcam myself, however I might hold on to that until I get my new phone and I can use my beat up HTC as a dashcam.

So yeah, feel free to watch those channels and more, it’s a huge community full of great people and fun videos.




Friends! We all (hopefully) have them, they’re a part of our existance, they help us live, day by day, our lifes. We might not know them, I’ve personally met a lot of people online who I might consider friends, a different kind of friend, but still, a friend. There’s Kevin, who I should talk more to, there’s Madalin, who I haven’t seen for a while, there’s Daniel, who’s british (Had to say something, lol).

There’s also, of course, real friends. Some don’t have them, some have imaginary ones, I just want to talk about my friends.

If you don’t remember, I recently moved to the US, where I have started making my life, all over, as an inmigrant, which is crazy, but I’m doing what I can, I guess.

Let’s start at school, oh dear school, we go to it every weekday, we have our ”existance”, and it’s basicly where people make friends, atleast in the countries where I have been. Anything from ”Hi, I’m new here, my name’s Alan” to ”Dude, let’s get high” (That last one has actually happened). I have female friends, I have male friends. Does it matter? Maybe.

Female and male friends, what an argument, I’m a guy, I like hanging out with girls, I’m not homosexual, metrosexual, or anything of that sort, I just like hanging out with them. Sure, I get bored as f*** when they talk about women stuff ”OHHHH, she’s such a b*tch” ”I JUST GOT MY PERIOD, YAY! *splats blood all over the floor*”, but then when they talk seriously, I get them! They look at stuff differently, and that’s so fun!

Male friends, sure, I have them, tbh, I don’t like them much, they hang out with me, we drink beers, we get chased by police for doing so in the middle of Washington DC, we have good times, but once you start talking with them, it’s the same conversation over and over again ”DUDE, LET’S GET HIGH ON FRIDAY!!!”

Teen life, crazy, eh? My RL friends don’t look at this blog, and that’s the cool thing about it, you can talk about what you think, in a way you wouldn’t talk about it in life.

Anyways, I was going to tell you the story (I’m dropping tears right now, I’m serious!), about how I managed to be someone popular. I know all the popular kids in my school (Not going to say which one, but it’s a big one on the DC area). I was doing summer school one day, as I failed one of my classes. I sit down, I look around the classroom, it was race heaven, only 2 white people, me and her. At first I talked with some latino guys, I had fun, we hung out, we went to eat together, they’re awesome, I miss them. But THIS girl! She was white, she went to the same school as I did (Summer school classes have people from all schools in the school district), so I talked to her, a strongly accented ”Hi, I’m Alan, what school do you go to?”, she was with her phone, texting her friends, I had doubts about talking to her at first, but it was the best thing I did.

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So your phone screen cracked? How cute.

Yeah, so I was hanging around the mall, chillin’, and I was using my phone, and there was this desk, and my phone fell screen-on it.

So yeah, if you ever cracked your phone, it has probably never cracked like this, atleast not to the point where you get cuts on your finger when you use your phone, or you end up with pieces of glass on your phone.

Sadly, that has happened to me, and I’m pissed off with myself, but it just slipped 😐

Anyways, FML, and, here’s the picture








Let’s hope I can get a decent price and fix it, because I can’t even read any texts that I get, because you just can’t see sh*t.

Refining myself

K, so I’ve noticed that it’s been like.. 4 months (?) since I’ve last posted in the blog.

That’s just unacceptable, and it’s interesting to see how I’ve as a person started maturing, I used to be your averege SA-MP player (Cheers to the SA-MP Team 🙂 ), swearing like a mofo, and killing those fellow players who wanted to kill me too. Continue reading